Fill out the Form below and an auction dealer will help you buy a car wholesale.  Below is a sample Youtube video of a typical Dealer Only Auction. - Choose from Thousands of Cars at the Dealer Only Car Auctions

Tell us about the cars you're interested in and we'll buy that car wholesale. We'll match you up with a local proxy dealer that covers that territory that is willing to go to auction for you at a predefined , fixed,  commission rate.  It's a win-win,  you get a great price on your car and the dealer still earns a fair commission for his time and effort.


Dealers agree to be 100% open about the cost and will show you the actual  "Auction receipt" detailing exactly what you paid for the car at auction.

Dealers are glad to arrange for easy financing and extended warranties if needed

Auction Dealers generally prefer to deal in newer cars, less than 3yrs old.  Less problems and a cleaner sale.

Dealers have an online listing of cars beforehand each week and can gauge the likely cost of your car based on prior sales.

Auctions typically run every week with thousands of cars to choose from.  So, you will likely find the car you want.

Dealers are happy to buy you a car but not on pure speculation. Generally they will require at least a reasonable 5% deposit before going to any wholesale car auction to buy you a car. Each dealer operates independently so you will meet beforehand and talk about the auction buying process details.  


When describing the auction cars you're interested in, try to be as flexible as possible. There are hundreds of wholesale cars available at each auction but not in every exact color! 

Your Car request once approved will Post to the >>Open Car Match<< so local dealers can view this lead

Local Dealers will then decide to accept the car inquiry,  if a dealer accepts ,  a "dealer match" was made and an Auction Dealer will assist you in buying your car.  

Sample of recent Prices (dealer magazine price vs. wholesale auction cost)

    • 2012 Volkswagon BeetleAuto     Auto Buyer magazine $19,995      vs    Auction cost   $10,100      your savings   $9.895
    • 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan       Auto Buyer Magazine $16,995      vs    Auction cost     $9,500       your savings   $7,495
    • 2012 Dodge Ram 1500                Auto Buyer magazine $33,995      vs    Auction cost   $18,600       your savings   $15,395
    • 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe                Auto Buyer Magazine $19,995      vs    Auction cost   $13,500       your savings   $6,495
    • 2013 Toyota Prius                          Auto Buyer Magazine $21,995      vs    Auction cost    $14,900       your savings   $7,095
    • 2012 Honda Accord EX                Auto Buyer magazine $20,995      vs    Auction cost    $15,300       your savings    $5.695
    • 2011 Nissan Murano SL               Auto Buyer Magazine $26,995      vs    Auction cost    $18,700       your savings    $8,295     
These are the same cars.  The wholesale auction savings to be had are significant.  It's up to you. You can decide to buy at the fully inflated dealership prices or you can buy the same car at a wholesale auction using our fixed rate, dealer match service for substantial savings.  Note:  Savings do and will vary depending on the demand and availability for your car model, the car condition, and the auction bidding competition at that time.  
Our pledge to you:    It will always and forever be free for customers to use this site.  There are no hidden charges.  

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So, let's get started. You are under absolutely no obligation by filling out this form.  Furthermore,  you will not be asked for your credit card or money at all. This site is 100% free for customers to use.  Buying a wholesale car at discount has never been easier. 

 * You are under no obligations to buy a car whatsoever by simply submitting the car request form.  

Terms and Conditions

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Please note that photographs and descriptions of the products used on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not reflect actual products one will be able to find at an auction. In general, it is possible to save up to sixty percent off the market value of the product through the use of the auctions this site provides, but results may vary and we do not guarantee in any way either availability of the product nor specific price ranges


We understand the concerns about privacy issues that surround the use of the internet so we’re committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe online experience for all of our website users. So that we can provide you with the most efficient and enhanced service, we sometimes collect information about you, the pages you visit within our website, as well as other user experience information. You may be asked for certain types of personally identifiable information (e.g., your first and last name, mailing address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, email address, etc.). This personal information allows us to administer our business, provide customer service, communicate with you, and foremost, help fulfill the Auction car buying process. We will not sell your information to other unrelated organizations for their marketing purposes. may retain your information in their database and may contact you in the future via email preferably or other.  If at any time you wish to have your information changed or removed from the database, please request this action via the contact us link. Thank you.   

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